How Do I Choose A Real Estate Firm For Representation

Hiring The Right Real Estate Firm

Listing Agent – Buyers Agent – Realty Company

Common Misconception #1 – I want to sell my house, so I need to hire a big name like “Centry 21” or “Coldwell Banker.”  However, that could not be further from the truth or what you should actually do.  Each Realtor/Real Estate Agent chooses what firm they want to work at by the benefits that are offered to them, the work methods, techniques, and training that is brought to the table by the company.  If one company doesn’t fit well with a particular agent, the realtor interviews another firm, until he/she finds a right fit.

Common Misconception #2 – “I want to buy a new home, so I need to get representation from a big franchise name.”  Each buyers agent has their own way of assisting consumers in their home buying process.  However, each buyers agent has access to the same MLS system, FSBO listings, Foreclosure listings, etc.. It does not matter what company the Realtor works for.  All Realtor’s can accomplish the same tasks regardless where they hang their hat.  The difference is, the individual Realtor, and how that person treats you as the consumer.

In reality, what matters is the Realtor!!!  All Realtors in North Carolina are held to the same standards, the same code of ethics, and work off of the same type of systems.  In addition, all real estate agents in North Carolina had to take and pass the same exam, and put in the same amount of training before becoming licensed.

Listing Agents – If you as a home seller have a home that you want to sell, what do you do?  Interview listing agents?  Many people will go directly to the big name companies like “Centry 21” or “Coldwell Banker.”  What you should do, is interview different agents from different companies and listen to what each person is going to charge you, and what the Realtor is going to do for YOU.  Because what it boils down to, is that “REALTOR” is going to do for you.  It doesn’t matter to home buyers what company is on that listing sign, or who has is listed in the MLS system.  Home buyers could care less who the property is being listed by.  Just because you listed your home for sale by an agent with a well known franchise, doesn’t mean anything.  It comes down to what the Realtor is doing to market your home because each agent is different.  The franchise/realty firm is just a place to hang the hat.

What Gets A Home Sold?

  • Pricing is big selling point!  If you are trying to sell your home for more than it is worth, don’t even list it.  If you want to be competitive, list your home within the price range that your agent suggests.  Now, if you want to get your home the most traffic, list your home slightly BELOW all the other homes.
  • Hire an agent that does good internet marketing.  In today’s market, many consumers use the internet to home search.
  • Listen to your Realtor.  If your home needs certain things done to get the home sold, listen.  If you can’t make those changes, then it needs to reflect in your home price.

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter what company your Realtor works for.  If you don’t have your home competitively priced, clean and good smelling for showings, and being marketed on the internet correctly, you may have your home on the market for quite some time.

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