5 Green Remodeling Tips – For Your Home

Home Remodeling

If you are looking at a possible home remodeling, specifically a  kitchen remodeling or a bathroom remodeling project, and are thinking about going “green,” then take a look at these useful tips.

1.  If you are thinking of doing a retro-style kitchen, read more about it here, hit up the local salvage yards for old school lockers or lab cabinets for kitchen storage.

2.  Once you have your plan laid out for your kitchen, try to find things you can keep.  Items such as appliances, cabinets, hardware, faucets and sinks are items that can be refurbished instead of buying brand new.   If you can, highly consider replacing any appliances more than 10 years old.  Today, energy star appliances are going to get you further than trying to refurbish an old one.  Also, due to lead issues in faucets purchased before 1997, consider buying those new as well.

3.  A great way to limit the amount of heavy metals, bacteria and pesticides in your water as well as odors and bad taste, is to install an “under-the-counter water purifier.”  Purifiers that mount under the sink work on average 10 times better than that of a faucet-mounted purifier and can be found at https://kitchendesignperth.com.au/ website. You may also consider having a water softener installation. In the event that your water softener gets damaged, you should immediately contact a water softener maintenance contractor to repair it as soon as possible.

4.  Use energy-efficient lighting with fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps.  The bulbs use 75% less energy than incandescent lamps.

5.  In the construction of your new kitchen or bathroom remodeling, consider installing under the counter recycling bins.  Cabinet manufacturers offer options for pull-out recycling bins as well as surface-mounted bins.

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