Simple Ways To Improve Your Home While Helping The Environment

Curb Appeal

As you start your home search and find your dream home, you almost immediately start to think about what work needs to be done and what improvements are required.  Below are some simple ways to improve your home.

Plant Trees For Curb Appeal – In the Camp Lejeune area, we have a lot of new construction homes being built in new neighborhoods.  If you are a military family and you plan on renting out your home, or retiring here, a good thing to do is plany some trees.  These will be great to enjoy for your family, as well as future families.  Not only are trees great for shade, they do wonders for the curb appeal of your home and could cut energy costs if planted in the right areas..

Build a Compost – Building a compost can be very easy and it keeps items out of landfills that shouldn’t be there.

Reusing Containers – Recycling your unwanted aluminum, and plastic items are ideal, but you can also find ways to use them around your home.  You can use them for plant containers, vases, etc..

Plants -When you are getting ready to plant seeds in your reused containers, consider planting plants that are native to North Carolina.  Plants that are native require less watering, which in turn saves on your water bill.

Cleaning -Moving into your new home can require a lot of deep cleaning. For this, you have the choice of environmentally friendly products, as well as using old clothes as rags and old towels instead of paper towels and using a  green commercial laundry company, PHS Besafe

Now that you have some helpful tips, start your home search today!


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