Knowing You Found Your Dream Home in Jacksonville, NC

Did you know that most home buyers can decide whether they want a home based off of their first look of the outside?  House hunting can be a great experience and buying your dream home can be a very satisfying time.  Read below for 5 ways to KNOW you found the ONE!

1.  Excitement – from the moment you pull into the driveway to get out and look inside, to leaving the home.  You feel positive about the home immediately.

2.  Neighborhood factors – you see things around the home or with the neighborhood that typically would send you running for the hills, now don’t see so important.  You find yourself trying to rationalize these items and see how they could fit into your life.  Then, you may have found the “one.”

3.  Bathrooms and kitchens – you seem to love the bathrooms and the kitchen in the home.  These are two areas of another persons home that easily make people uneasy.  You love the layout and the colors, then you may have found the “one.”

4.  Placement of items – you involuntarily start seeing where your furniture can go, and where your family photos will be hung on the wall.  This might be the “one.”

5.  Loose interest to see homes – after walking into this home, you feel that no other home could make you feel as happy or compare to this one.  Then, more likely than not, you have found your dream home. Congrats!!

To start your house hunt today, check out these neighborhoods today!


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