Short Sales on The Rise – Start House Hunting Further Out

In our market, you have a few different types of time frames to purchase your new home.  Read below for the different time frames to allow yourself to start your home search, for whichever home applies to you/your family:

  1. Home that is existing and already built – standard 30 day closing.  This home can close in 30 calendar days from the date of offer acceptance, to the date of closing.
  2. Home that needs to be built – general rule of thumb is 90 – 120 calendar days from the day you wright the offer, to the day of closing.
  3. Short Sale home – allow anywhere from 2 months – 12 months from the day you get offer acceptance from the bank to the day of closing.  The banks that hold the note are the ones that control how long the closing will take.
  4. Foreclosures – can be a 30 day closing, but could be longer.  Banks can close foreclosure quicker than short sales, so write in the offer what you would like the date to be and they can see if it will work.

If you would like more information about these processes, or to talk to a preferred and trusted lender for our area, call Crystal today at 910-545-2689.

To start your house hunting and reserve a day and time to go look at ALL the homes you choose, call today as well!

Bell Ridge  Blue Haven  Eastport  Goose Creek   Highlands At Queens Creek  Hogans Landing  Jacks Branch  Peytons Ridge  Riggsfield  Rogers Farm

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