Do I REALLY Need A Buyer’s Agent?

I got a call yesterday from a guy who is looking to buy a home.  This gentlemen saw on my website that I advertise myself as a “Buyer’s Agent” for the Jacksonville, NC area.

The first thing he asked, “do I REALLY need a buyer’s agent?”  I explained that a buyer’s agent is there to look out for the buyer’s best interests,  and the seller’s agent is there to look out for the seller’s best interests.

His next question, “does it matter who I use when it comes to buying new construction?”  It matters more than ever when it comes to buying new construction.  I cannot count how many times I have had to inform the site super that something has been done wrong on the construction of a home, that we negotiated into a contract.  If you think about the listing agent of a big new construction neighborhood, and how much time that agent has to devote to you as a “special” home buyer.  Good luck.  That agent has 100 other homes to think about as well.

Think about this scenario – you are being sued and have to go to court.  Do you want to use the same attorney to represent you as the person suing you? I will pass….I want my own representation.

Please remember, that I can show you ANY homes in Onslow county and the surrounding counties.  I am here 7 days a week and I look forward to catering to your needs in finding your new home.  Call me at 910-545-2689 or email me at



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