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 “Please help!  I am currently having a home built, and just got my estimated closing cost sheet back from USAA! I was told costs should only be around $5,000 and this says $10,000.  Will I have to loose my dream home?!”

Definitely not!  USAA and Navy Federal charge more fees than your lenders like Wells Fargo, Alpha Mortgage, etc.  Not only do they charge more for your closing fees, they aren’t local, causing the communication between you, your lender, and your Realtor more stress than needed.  Our local lenders know where to pull and get certain information, what information they can get directly from your Realtor, thus removing you from alot of the behind scenes work.  USAA and Navy Federal cause home buyers more stress because they will many times, ask the home buyer for information that they could go directly to the source for.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Don’t be the home buyer that CHOOSES the more stressful route, and CHOOSES to pay more in closing cost fees.  “But I want to take advantage of the Buyer’s Advantage Plus Program.”  No problem!  I can offer you the same deal, but better.  Just ask!!!

I am here to help you in anyway I can and I can show you any home!  Don’t stress out over finding one agent for each home, call or text Crystal today at 910-545-2689 or email to to get all of your questioned answered and homes seen when it fits YOUR schedule!

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