DIY Projects To Do With Wallpaper

Have you ever used wallpaper? Many people consider wallpaper an outdated item that used to be used in homes years ago. But now, you can do creative DIY projects with leftover wallpaper instead of throwing it out. First, if you aren’t sure how to apply wallpaper, check out these steps.

DIY Projects

DIY Projects

Here are 5 tips to using wallpaper in a modern way:

1.  Closets:  Adding wallpaper to the inside of closets will give a small and dark space a brighter and bigger feel. By choosing a reflective wallpaper, you will give the feel of a bigger space. The best type of wallpaper for this use is foil.

2.  Inside of Drawers:  Today, many people use the foam padding to add color inside their bedroom and kitchen drawers. How about using wallpaper for this use? Wallpaper comes in many different and fun designs to add a bit more color and fun.

3.  Ceilings:  This seems like a weird choice. However, have you ever looked at your bare ceiling and wanted more? You can paste a pattered or colored wallpaper to your low ceiling to give it a more dramatic and taller feeling. A great recommendation is to use dip-dyed wallpaper that fades from intense color to white neutrals.

4.  Staircases:  Stairs can be boring. Use a solid color of wallpaper to add a bit of pizzazz to your staircase, or use a pattern, but make sure you keep consistent so the pattern makes sense.

5.  Wallpaper Photos:  You can use wallpaper for unique wall art in a bathroom that has a solid color for paint depending on the material you got from Seattle retaining walls. Take picture frames and frame your style of wallpaper for a custom look and feel.

I think I will try out number 5! How about you? Let’s get started…..

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