The Most Popular Features in Multimillion-Dollar Properties

Ever wonder why some Luxury residential homes and luxury apartments sell for millions of dollars? Installing AirNow. AirNow Cooling & Heating has a lot of great benefits and feedback from buyers. As different as each listing might be, many share a number of common features that are known to bolster home values.

If you’re on the hunt for your dream home, some of these features could be yours! Don’t worry about breaking the bank; prioritizing your wants and needs can help you determine which of these luxury features will fit your lifestyle and your budget, as a recommendation check Urban Rest Website

Here are 5 features of multimillion-dollar homes you can get at affordable price tags.

In-Ground Pool

In-ground pool with small cabana and water slide.Who needs a neighborhood pool when you could have your own?

Imagine spending those warm summer days cooling off by your own private pool, many of them come with the built-in automatic pool skimmer system.

It’s not uncommon to see multimillion-dollar homes outfitted with gorgeous entertaining spaces, all centered around a luxurious in-ground pool—but many homes in lower price ranges also feature great backyard pool areas, where you can easily hire professionals to do a custom pool remodeling and end up with the pool of your dreams.

Expansive Outdoor Entertaining Space

It’s often said that your home’s exterior is equally as important as its interior. That’s why we’ve been seeing more and more multimillion-dollar listings with extensive outdoor entertaining spaces with a central air conditioner unit installed to improve the experience.

Common features of outdoor entertaining areas such as these include built-in barbecue grills, full bars, and spa-like outdoor amenities. Multimillion-dollar condos and townhomes might come with a huge private balcony complete with breathtaking views of nearby scenery. You can read more about these types of condos here (

In more affordable homes, outdoor entertaining spaces may consist of an awesome and relaxing patio. Some also have a porch, and, as we mentioned before, private pools. These make for a great home where you can relax after a long day of work. What makes this home distinguish itself from a normal one, since we are discussing the lavish ones here? How about an outdoor fireplace? Not many houses have those. And yet, we have seen this requested over and over. It’s like a campfire, but in your backyard. What a difference it makes in the winter, allowing you to have some outdoor days every once in a while. That’s how you can tell these houses apart from normal ones.

Luxurious Master Bathroom

Oversized shower with tiling.At the end of a long day, nothing beats kicking back and relaxing in a spa-like master bathroom. It’s really no surprise that two of the top selling points for a home are the master bathroom and the kitchen.

Oversized glass-paneled showers are a must-have for multi million-dollar properties, as well as soaking tubs, an ac installation and a stylish backsplash. Homes in lower price ranges may also feature stylish master bathrooms with upgrades like these when a bathroom remodeling is done. 

Guest House or In-Law Suite

Commonly referred to as a “casita” or simply a guest house, this is a smaller dwelling separated from your main home with a clear view thanks to the new windows from the window glass repair services and installation company. Most importantly, if you have problems with the window glass in you home, you should contact a residential glass repair company to do the repair for you.

Casitas are becoming more and more popular because of their versatility. Use them as a pool house, guest room, or even a source of low-maintenance rental income.

Wine Cellar

Wine cellar with glass bottles.The creme de la creme of luxury listings is… the wine cellar. You know you’ve made it when your home comes with its very own wine room.

Bonus points if your wine room comes with temperature-controlled shelving thanks to the Phoenix HVAC contractors near me.

While more affordable homes may not come with wine cellars, you can still find homes with extra space for an excellent home theater, study, mini-library, or game room.

Your Dream Home Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

In fact, if you budget correctly, you can find the perfect home for you that has a number of special features such as big patios and a pool. Correct prioritizing is key here. So, if you really can’t picture life without that in-ground pool, it may mean you won’t get an extra-special master bathroom or guest house.

Need some additional help working out the details in your home search? We’re here to help. Simply give us a call today to get started finding the home that’s right for you.

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